We Engage Local Communities, Monitor Industry Trends, and Implement Community Solar  

Community Outreach

As solar advocates, we educate citizens and businesses on the transformative power that alternative energy can have on those who choose to realize lower energy costs, a cleaner environment, and more efficient electric grid. Adopting renewable energy solutions at the hyper-local level involves reaching out, not only, to community leaders and local businesses, but also, to residents directly 


Our registration drives include educational and community events where neighbors become personally involved in the renewable energy conversation. Alongside traditional channels, our digital platform plays host to all interest levels, from, the just curious to the most committed solar ambassadors. No longer will those that don’t have a direct means to install solar panels be left out of the solar energy revolution.

Marketplace Research

A key source of our business intelligence is our disciplined monitoring of the solar industry. This includes following the rapid development of solar cell efficiencies, understanding emerging storage solutions, and tracking pricing trends. Our financing partners keep us up to date with the most competitive terms and options available in the financial marketplace.


We monitor emerging alternative funding platforms and emerging partnership models. Keeping track and reaching out to state and federal energy agencies, utility companies, local building regulations and our favored  manufacturers of solar system components. 

System Design

Our initial site assessment includes utility interconnection capacity, facility assessment, solar access and shading analysis. Detailed design sets combine engineering and electrical plan sets that provide all the necessary information to facilitate the permitting process and provide for a seamless interconnection process.


We manage the process meticulously to ensure that design standards and safety expectations of utility companies, local building authorities, and renewable energy agencies are met or exceeded. Our design software of choice helps us accelerate the proposal process and optimize a system layout that includes structural / module layout, electrical diagrams and energy production modeling. 



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Community SolarWorks Design Services

Energizing Communities

Community Solar offers community residents the ability to enjoy the benefits of solar energy by receiving energy credits for their portion of the locally installed solar array.

Project Implementation

We begin with rigorous due diligence when assessing a host site followed by a preliminary system design and an initial assessment of financial considerations.  After assurances of feasibility, we help plan the most appropriate project structure, with the most competitive financial solution, after which, we guide negotiations towards a final project agreement.


In later stages, we incorporate our CRM platform to help ensure smooth post-installation customer account services. This includes the tallying and allocating of net metering credits, tracking O&M activity, along with traditional customer services. 






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At Community SolarWorks, we understand solar is still a new idea for communities, which points towards the importance of being completely transparent throughout the entire development process. 

Account Services

The "CSW Connect" CRM platform combines monthly billing information with real-time energy production and consumption data, accessible via desktop and smartphone. Monthly account updates include monthly net metering credits balance and other key data, such as how much of your electricity usage is powered by your community's solar energy production along with a live daily tracking of your energy carbon footprint. 


Community Solar member accounts include updates for both individual accounts, overall production data and efficiency ratios of the entire community system. Utility billing and service issues are managed through the"CSW Connect" cloud-based CRM portal. 

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