Once you register your intent to become a consumer of solar-generated electricity you will be enrolled in the next available solar project.  


Soon after your designated community solar system is installed, your regular utility bill will begin to reflect your portion of the community's solar system.


 Renters, Homeowners, Housing Associations, Businesses, Municipalities, Nonprofits, and Schools 

A Community Solar membership brings decades of inexpensive clean energy by delivering solar energy credits directly into your utility bill. These credits are drawn from a quantifiable source of clean energy - your partial ownership of a community solar garden.


At any given moment, via your smartphone, you can gauge your carbon footprint,  including a live production meter of how many kilowatts per hour your system is producing along with your own consumption trends.

The dawn of local Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is upon us.  Any resident, business or non-profit can sign up to be a consumer of solar energy in a matter of minutes. 

When a community solar project takes root, local residents and businesses realize lower energy costs and a cleaner environment. At the community level, an increase in energy independence and an economic benefit affecting all members of the community. Sign up today. 

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