Account Services

We work with community leaders, property owners, municipalities, utilities, investors, and the solar industry ecosystem to develop community-based solar systems.


Community Outreach

As solar advocates, we educate residents, non-profit organizations, and local businesses to the transformative power of alternative energy.   


​Our company's mission is to facilitate the participation of all segments of society in the renewable energy revolution. To this end, we will work with public agencies, private investors, including alternative solutions, such as crowdfunding campaigns.


Our "participant" and "subscriber" recruitment campaigns focus on a wide range of touchpoints including street-level canvassing, company-employee registration drives, and online campaigns. We pay attention to opportunities with housing/neighborhood associations, under-served communities and those zones in need of greater grid efficiency.

Project Development

Thorough due diligence facilitates a smooth permitting process and sets the course towards interconnection with the grid. To that end, our community solar project involvement includes  any of the following roles: project consultant, co-developer, lead developer or SPE/SPV Sponsor

We work closely with installers, regulatory authorities, utility companies, and long term O&M partners. Alongside these working partners, our network of financing groups, tax equity investors, and equipment manufacturers allow our team to respond promptly with a full solution. ​​

Our project management focuses on reducing costs, maintaining high safety and quality assurance standards, and monitoring workflow to ensure compliance with specifications, schedules, and budgets.

Account Services

Once your community-based system is generating electricity, your traditional electric bill will begin to reflect the number of solar credits attributed to your account. Today's technology allows for 24/7 real-time solar energy production & consumption data, along with a monthly tally of your earned credits available on your desktop and smartphone. 


​Once you're a subscriber you become a member of a sustainable community that educates and incentivizes new members to engage utility companies and foster emerging clean energy initiatives, such as building efficiencies and energy storage technologies. 

We are available to answer all inquires such as understanding what happens to a community energy agreement if there is a change of residence? Can a solar subscription be terminated without penalty? (Yes) Does the agreement include a long-term production expectation? (Yes)

Special Projects 

​Aside from our community and commercial development activities, "CSW" advises potential procurement sources such as local municipalities and agencies in the areas of project analysis and investment community resources.


"CSW"  is currently in the final phase of developing a renewable energy products and services platform designed to facilitate discussion,  exploration, and a more transparent review of available energy system products for managers of residential, commercial, manufacturing  properties. We search far and wide for emerging solutions in order to maintain a global network of top tier product representations.

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